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Why Wood?….It’s Renewable, Recyclable and it’s Natural.

Ethical: I know the history of each piece of wood I procure, painstakingly sourcing all materials, over years.
A lower carbon footprint: Wood products produce significantly less carbon emissions than other building materials.
Easy care: Included with your item are care instructions. A few simple things to remember and you will enjoy your item for many years.
Aesthetically pleasing: Wood is a wonder. The varied grain, colour and characteristics are unmatched and there really is no limit to the variation and beauty.
Authentic: All projects are handmade and one of a kind. I don't use jigs or templates, choosing rather to “freehand” my work.
Warmth: Wood adds warmth to any space.


Versatility: Wood can be molded and shaped into a variety of things, limited only by one’s imagination.

Product Care Instructions


- Clean with cold or tepid soapy water

- Sanitize with coarse salt, lemon juice, or vinegar

- Air dry or use a dry clean cloth

- Avoid dishwasher, direct sunlight, and soaking in water

- Apply a light coat of oil to protect the wood

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